Gypsy Jazz Bands For Hire, Sussex and London

Gypsy jazz is one of the most popular band styles for party goers and event organisers in Sussex and London. It’s also known as hot club jazz and was first made popular way back in the ’30s by guitarist Django Reinhardt, and is often associated with the hedonistic days of Paris before the Second World War.

With its lively rhythms, gypsy jazz music is ideal for getting the joint swinging and people tapping their feet. It certainly adds the right kind of ambience to any wedding reception, corporate event or party.

Why hire a gypsy jazz band in Sussex and London?

If you want to get that party started with a little ‘la pompe’ then try some gypsy jazz with classics such as Limehouse Blues and Swing 42. It’s a style of jazz that appeals to the whole range of party goers from the very young to the more serious, senior swinger. The good news is that The Jazz Agency has some of the most talented gypsy jazz bands in the country, available to book right now.

Two guitars and a double bass make up the Jonny Hepbir Trio who have performed at more weddings than the local registrar. This popular combo has also livened up many a corporate event across the UK, from the Isle of Sark to the Highlands. If you want to find out how great gypsy jazz sounds then take a trip over to their page and listen to them in performance.

Adding vocals to gypsy jazz just makes it all the more divine, as you’ll find if you hire Jonny’s Quartet. With Sara Oschlag adding her cool singing voice to the line-up you have standard greats like It Don’t Mean A Thing and What is This Thing Called Love? Listen to this heavenly quartet in performance here.

How to hire a gypsy jazz band

It used to be that you had to go hunting through third party agents before you found the right band for your party or event. Now you just have to take a look through our website and you instantly get access to some of the best professional jazz acts in the country.

A couple of things you probably need to consider before you make your choice:

First of all, take a good look at the size of the room where you are having your event or party and decide what would be a good size live act to perform there.

Then, make sure you know what your budget is.

If you live in Sussex or London, and you want to hire a gypsy jazz band for the day or night, then all you have to do is check out the band pages and pick the one you like.

It’s simply the easiest way to turn a standard evening out into something memorable and special.