Hello, and welcome to The Jazz Agency’s blog!

Although we’ve all been working professional jazz musicians for more than 20 years, this is a new site with a new approach, taking the business model we’ve been using and updating it to fit in with today’s world of social media, internet presence and all the other new-fangled shenanigans.

When we started out as jazz musicians, our bookings mainly happened on a landline telephone (remember those?) and our advertising was word-of-mouth, newspaper adverts and an entry in the Yellow Pages. As we all know, times change, and things have moved on. These days a bride-to-be, or a groom (usually the bride) will Google ‘jazz bands for hire’ or ‘wedding musicians’, and be presented with a dazzling array of shiny websites.

With new technologies arriving faster than ever, the humble jazz musician has to stay on top of it all to avoid being side-lined. Jazz courses at universities now contain business modules, showing musicians how to use these tools to create work. No longer can you rely only on musical excellence and word of mouth.

So, without further ado, welcome to our shiny new website. We’re up and running, and the first bookings are starting to come in. We’re going to celebrate by tweaking the website, adding more content and generally making the whole experience as user-friendly as possible. So please BOOKMARK this site, and follow us on Twitter: @jazz_agency