Live Jazz Bands for Parties

More and more people are moving away from just the usual DJ for their parties and hiring bands to perform live. The jazz scene in the UK is vibrant and packed full of talented musicians who are waiting to perform at your own personal gig, and it’s never been easier to book a band.

But, it’s all complicated rhythms and difficult to dance to, isn’t it?

Well no. Jazz covers a broad range of styles and is simply the best thing to get people up and dancing at your party.

As Herve from the Lobster Pot said when he hired a jazz band this year: “We’ve had a lot of bands here, but none that have brightened up the place like you did. Once again, merci!”

Why hire jazz bands for parties?

If you want a bit of class when choosing the music for your party, then it’s time to have a look at something live, sophisticated, and jazzy. It used to be the case that you would have to go through a middle man to find the right live musicians for your party, and even then you might not be sure of getting the best quality acts.

Nowadays the internet is making it much easier – you can hire brilliant live jazz bands for any party to suit your budget and, more importantly, to satisfy the eclectic tastes of your guests. And you can get it done quickly and simply.

  • Music to suit your mood.
  • Something to wow everyone and help make a memorable evening.
  • Professional musicians and groups at affordable prices.

It’s all there for you when you choose to book with The Jazz Agency.

The proof is in the party

If you want access to some of the best professional jazz musicians in the UK today, then you need look no further. From 8 piece swing bands to a wide range of solo stars who have turned an everyday party into something ultra-smooth, beautifully rhythmic and totally sublime. Whether you want your guests dancing on the tables or listening to some mellow vocals while they eat a fine meal, the choice is all here.

Here are some ideas of which type of jazz band fits each era.

Gets some gypsy jazz with 3 piece band Ultraswing.

Fancy the big band sound? Then maybe Rockin’ In Rhythm will be your thing.

Things to consider when choosing live jazz bands for parties

When opting for a live act of any kind, you want the right band at the right price for your venue and you want them to create a big impression.

First of all, take a look at the venue and decide what would be a good size band to play there. Obviously, if the venue is small you don’t want an 8 piece band taking up the space, and if it’s big you don’t want a single musician who might get lost in the crowd.

Secondly, what type of jazz do you want to be played? The Jazz Agency offers a wide range of different groups from swing to be-bop and contemporary. It’s simple to browse, just take a look at samples of them on video and choose the band or performer that will suit your vibe.

Thirdly, you need to decide on your budget. Obviously a seven piece live jazz band is going to cost more than a single jazz guitarist because of the number of people. Find out more about how the process works with The Jazz Agency.

If you want something different and a party that goes with a swing, then maybe it’s time you considered a live jazz act, chosen from some of the best professional musicians in the business, delivered direct to your venue.