Live jazz bands for weddings

Why hire a jazz band?

Many couples around the world hire a jazz band for their wedding. Jazz is a flexible form of music, and can compliment most situations. A great way to create a romantic ambience at your ceremony is to have a small jazz band play – many times we’ve been asked to supply a small acoustic band to play as the bride walks down the aisle, during the signing of the register, and again as the guests leave the ceremony. Oftentimes the same band will then move to the wedding reception and provide a sophisticated backdrop which will allow guests to mingle and chat without getting in the way. Live jazz suits this situation very well as it can be quiet enough to blend in, whist creating that certain sophisticated atmosphere. At some point the photographer will be gathering people for group photos, and the band can play on whilst this goes on, or wait so people can hear the photographer’s instructions. Some couples like to have a band play during the wedding breakfast, which is perfectly possible. We are frequently asked if this will be too obtrusive – the answer is it can be exactly as you’d like it. If you’re after a jazz band to play nice background music, then that’s exactly what they will do. Remember, this is your day, and the band isn’t there to seek adulation and applause – they’re there to provide a service, and cater to your needs. Some of our clients like to have a jazz band in the evening too, usually an upbeat swing band, like this one, for dancing. This is perfectly possible. You can certainly hire the same band for the whole day, or a small band for the afternoon and add extra musicians in the evening. This can save you money – hiring three different bands throughout the day will involve more transportation, and each band will have a minimum fee, so if you use the same musicians all day you’ll make a saving.

Which jazz band should I hire?

A lot of couples will have a theme to their wedding – a few recent examples being The Great Gatsby, Art Deco, Speakeasy and Chocolat – luckily I wrote this blog to help identify which bands will suit which theme. If you don’t have a theme, that’s ok too – just get in touch and outline your requirements, e.g. background music in the afternoon, dancing in the evening etc. and let us make some suggestions – after all, we’re the professionals, and that’s why you hire us. Remember, we’ve been in the field for many years – we’ve seen it all.

What happens next?

Most people who come to us have never hired a live band before, and don’t know how it works – here’s an article to de-mystify the process. It’s pretty straightforward and please remember, after it’s all signed and sealed we can still make small adjustments. We’re just a phone call or an email away – we want to make it right for you.


Get in touch today

We’re happy to talk through your requirements and supply you with a no-obligation quote – simply get in touch using our enquiry form, or use our contact details below, and we can get the ball rolling. We want your experience of hiring a jazz band to run as smoothly as possible, so you can concentrate on getting ready for your big day.