Solo Jazz Pianist For Hire, Sussex and London

If you are fed up with playing background music on a CD and want something live but unobtrusive for your hotel, restaurant, wedding or corporate event, then perhaps you should consider hiring a solo jazz pianist. Add a touch of sophistication and ambience to a room, where guests can mingle and chat with a background of classic jazz. Or give your event a musical centre point that adds more than a little sophistication.

Solo jazz pianist for weddings

While your guests are arriving and getting to know each other, consider having a pianist in the corner throwing out some gentle music. Or you could have them present at the ceremony to add a frisson of originality as you walk down the aisle. Not everyone wants to jump onto the dance floor, so having a separate bar with a solo jazz pianist where people can chat and mingle is always a good idea.

Creating the right function atmosphere with a piano

Many corporate events and private functions in Sussex, London and the Home Counties opt for a piano player to create just the right ambience. Often people want to talk business and get to know each other, network or admire displays and galleries, without having a full piece live band getting in the way. A solo jazz pianist can provide the right atmosphere for your event and you can even throw in a few vocals for good measure.

Need a solo jazz pianist for your hotel?

If you have a function on and want to add some pizzazz to your bar or reception area, hiring a solo jazz pianist for the night can set you apart from the competition. It’s not just the Ritz and Dorchester that do such things. Many hotels in Sussex and London often hire a pianist to add that extra value and create a cool, sublime atmosphere.

How to hire a solo jazz pianist

We have jazz pianists who are happy playing as part of a combo or performing on their own at events and parties. Contact us today with your details and we’ll find the best person for the job, someone who can create the right atmosphere and will provide you with the professionalism and talent you are looking for.

Add in some vocals for a cool combo:

Check out female jazz vocalist Sarah Oschlag accompanied by piano.

Or the mellow sound of Ela Southgate.

Fancy something bigger? Then take a look at our collection of jazz band combos that can help liven up any occasion.