We’re cheaper than the others!

We’re cheaper than the others. It’s a bold claim, so I thought I’d back it up by explaining how.

Here’s an example. Recently a couple from Brighton each started looking for a band for their private party. They both happened to find Ultraswing, a gypsy jazz trio on our books and available elsewhere too.

The husband found the band on one of the big online platforms, whilst the wife found them on our site.

Since I’m a member of Ultraswing myself, both enquires came through to me. The quote from the platform was £600, whereas mine came in at £500. That’s a pretty big saving! How do we do it?

The big platforms and the large agencies simply have more costs to cover. They have staff, large websites requiring a lot of maintenance, social media teams – you get the picture. All of that costs money.

Meanwhile my operation is streamlined. I don’t need bricks and mortar or staff. The site is small and I can maintain it myself. I take care of the social media. This keeps the costs down, so I’m able to pass those savings on to you, the customer.

Bear in mind the couple in my example would have had exactly the same product either way, they just happened to get it for around 17% less than they would have paid elsewhere.

If you want top-quality live jazz for less, come directly to The Jazz Agency!

Dan Sheppard