‘Will the band take up too much space?’

Will the band take up too much space?

It’s a common misconception that a band has to take up a lot of floor space.

Some potential clients opt for a DJ instead, as they mistakenly believe that will take up less room.

In fact, when you hire a jazz band they don’t tend to bring stacks of PA equipment like DJs and function bands do.

As I have written in my last blog, it’s my opinion that function bands tend to be way louder than necessary.

A small jazz band will generally make sure the music is at a level where people can choose to engage with the music or have a conversation if they prefer. This means they only need to bring small amplifiers, the result of which is a reasonably small footprint.

We often set up in a tighter space than a DJ can, especially our smaller bands.

Our duos, trios and quartets can easily fit where a DJ would, and play live music at a more appropriate volume.

Another benefit is we won’t be going back and forth lugging giant speakers through the room during the set up. You’ll find it’s much more discreet.

In my humble opinion, nothing beats live music for creating an ambience, and it’s a visual treat too.

That’s not really the case with a load of speakers on stands, a big console, some corny flashing lights and a dude shouting ‘let’s paaaartaaay’ down a microphone.

I would say that, wouldn’t I, because I want you to hire a band.

Take a look around some of the nicest venues in London and see if they have a DJ, a function band or a jazz band. You’ll find it’s generally jazz, because it’s just right to set up an atmosphere, but it doesn’t get in the way and steal focus.

Having said that, if you want a loud jazz band that takes up loads of room, I can do that too. It’s all up to you.